What is Safer Mil3s?

Safer Mil3s is a simple, easy-to-use tool to help you stay safe when you travel from place to place. The app runs in real-time and provides you with a color-coded map, risk level meters, and audible alerts to keep you informed about conditions in your area. By turning large and complex data sets about Traffic Accidents and Reported Crimes into easy to understand maps and alerts, the app keeps you informed about potential risks in your location so that you can avoid high-risk areas and be extra cautious when needed. Our hope is that this app will help keep you, your friends, and your family safe.

How Does it Work?

When a Traffic Accident or a Crime is reported, it gets recorded by the police department. Some of those police departments make their data available to the public. Safer Mil3s collects those records and runs them through a series of operations to create a set of color-coded tiles for each city. The tiles represent the overall risk level in that area just for that city. This means that each city will have its own scale for high risk and low risk areas ensuring that the risk levels stay relevant for the city you're in, not somewhere else. The app will update the map and risk meters when you move and can notify you when the risk level changes.

Tell me more about the Data!

The data used to generate the information in this app is gathered from city's where public records regarding Traffic Accidents and / or Crime Reports can be accessed and utilized openly. For most locations, the grid is generated using data from a month prior to the current month to make sure we get as many records as possible into the totals.

Some locations only publish this information on a quarterly basis. For those locations the most recent two quarters available are used to generate the grid.

ALL data in the app is collected from public records and contains no information that could bias the risk level rating in any way.

In short, It's just Math.

What Else Can It Do?


With Safer Mil3s you can use the map explorer to look at another city's Traffic Accident and Crime Reports. You can search for a specific city, or display a list of all city's available in the app with the pull-down menu. Going on a trip? Why not check out the risk levels in that city first?

Use it with your favorite navigation apps!

The Widget works just like the Traffic Accident Risk Level meter, but outside the app. This is so you can get the Traffic Accident Risk Level when you are using a navigation app like Google Maps. If you are not using a navigation app, the Widget will disappear after 90 seconds (the average length of a stop light) to preserve battery life.

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